Friday, February 20, 2015

The Cli-Fi Cafe (a global coffee shop where snippets of conversation resonaet worldwide'')

Welcome to the The Cli-Fi Cafe. Have a seat, the waitstaff will be with your shortly. Meanwhile, this is what we have been overhearding lately. And if you have overheard some good things about cli-fi, drop us a line or leave a tip in the comments below. The waitstaff will be happy to receive them.




1. FAIR DINKUM: ''Can Cli-Fi save us from ourselves? With the grim prospects of climate change, a new genre of narratives can address our cultural anxiety, attitudes and provide comfort for future generations.''


Over heard at the table near the window overlooking the Pacific Ocean: debut Australian novelist -- ''ANCHOR POINT'' -- ALICE ROBINSON's very good Op-Ed on genre and its relationship to the Australian landmass and history



2. POLLY POLLY: "I think we’re seeing more cli-fi themes in popular entertainment because they give substance to an ominous uncertainty that affects every one of us. " Overheard at Don Bredes' table near the door, in response a customer asking:  

''Authors treat climate change in their [novels] differently; some are didactic, some are more subtle. Can you describe your approach in POLLY?'' [RE: ''Polly and the One and Only World'' -- a YA cli fi novel by Don Bredes]


3. NEXT CAB OFF THE RANK: ''Australian author James Bradley [in his new cli-fi novel ''Clade''] has found a way to balance the bigger picture with the pattern of human life and love, which continues in all its forms despite the imperceptible yet inexorable change happening all around [in Clade ]. Overheard from a customer from Seattle, who was just dropping by...


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