Wednesday, March 25, 2015

BLOOMS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! (you have everything to gain by celebrating your famous last name and nothing to lose by celebratng it!)

BLOOMS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! ..........(you have everything gain by to celebrating with your famous last name and nothing to lose by exchanging names cards with all the other Blooms on Bloomsyday every year!)
PRESS RELEASE: June 16, 2015

DUBLIN - It's a happy coincidence when one stumbles across another
human being with the same last name, though such happenstance won't be
quite as so significant for the 10,000 people who might one day
descend on Dublin, Ireland, in the future, on some future June 16th -- Bloomsday
around the world -- and all bearing the surname Bloom.

The event, the dreamy brainchild of a semi-goofy semi-retired newspaperman in Taiwan named, get this, Dan Bloom, is aptly titled "Blooms Blooming on Bloomsday," and aims to srpead some good old-fashioned Bloomsday cheer around the world but especially in Dublin.

Actress Claire Bloom and actor Orlando Bloom will be invited to headline
the event at, say, the Dublin Joyce Centre, according to Bloom, a rather creative impresario and event producer who first fell in love with Dublin and James Joyce's ULYSSES when he was a wee bit lad of 16 in Boston, Massachusetts.
Expect a gaggle of Blooms from the
United States, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia who will will also be taking part following a
special tour of several Irish cities and villages, if Bloom's plan bears fruit.
All participants that year named Bloom will be
asked to bring a passport or driver's license as proof of their
identity -- maiden and hyphenated names are fine too, and negotiations are possible for Blooms who longer use the Bloom name but were once Blooms, Bloom says with a wink and a nod.

"This is all for fun," Bloom says. "A novel way to celebrate Bloomsday, if we can pull it off."
"This is certainly a unique event and we wish the Blooms the best of
luck in their attempt to set a record of the most Blooms at one time at a Bloomsday event in Dublin," the editor-in-chief of
Guinness World Records might say at the time the event happens.. Some of his officials will be attending the
event to validate it as a (not so small world) record breaker.
Bloom is looking for help in making this event happen on some future Bloomsday, and he's open to all ideas and opportunities, he says. And he's not kidding.

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